Una constante bajo una pizarra tejida en biología y química. El cielo pinta nubes grises y blancas para meditar y concebir cómo ocultar una separación de tiempo y espacio. Son ojos bien abiertos, bajo la sombra de arenas y sombras.



Tears are a mere human reflection. Where this liquid suffering are baptized with a name. With a true meaning, stars are just confused with their shining and our inspiration. Cause tears draw along our face those memories we want to hide. What to cover with star dust and the pleasure of wine and vodka. Lions roar. They don’t cry. There are no trees in space. Thousand suns. One history made a scar. As a matchstick, made just a caress to the matchbox, one against the way. There is no peace after that. Just fire, making a light, then burn… out mind, our body. Just burn. Like a fire. Like blood boiling. Like a ritual at night, daring the darkness.