A Brief Essay About Time

Time is a dimension of the reality where its phases can be perceived and determined by the conception of philosophy and belief. Perhaps many authors and important figures can allude to different emphasis through science, but in this case, the human conception for time is an allegory for the human thought itself. When is now? When is the past? We can consider that time, has a sort of a scheme to be time itself. We comprehend time as past, present and future, but beyond this structure, time also follows its own steps on every person and to its mind. Now, we consider the everyday as the present, the ongoing set in motion. A present that can recall the past as a part of the present, but it doesn’t happen for the future. Now, the future for the everyday supposes a better view of the present. The everyday comprehend in different scales, a summary of all actions made by us that leads the present, a bit different than the present ongoing. It’s a bit confusing but we can interpret the current present as a consolidated state of time where people can understand its place in time; now the ongoing present consists to go ahead like a pursue of the future. “I will do this for that” The Ongoing present is linked to the term we spoke in the first part. Dedication, determination, a will where the notion of time escapes to another dimension and plan a better space, but this is, merely, a matter of interpretation. For better or worse, time is time, exert of the human meaning and an inherited tool to mold another dimension of reality: space.


Time, as we speak of the present, led many writers to make focus their character to play a role in the current present, not ours but theirs. This can be the past for us, but as for the fictional characters there are representing and living an individual state of time. Time as a conditioning factor for dedication or purpose, gives to the human understanding a dilemma to conceive: “if this is my current present, I still can reach the ongoing present, what can I do to be part or get into eternity?” Now, Eternity is a concept well known in history. Eternity in the time structure, seems to be the last dimensional step. It goes beyond life, person, or space. Flows through the structure as the ultimate state, but eternity seems to flaw as a possible conception because it won’t be lived by any living creature. So Eternity is attached to non-human figures, mythological or divine such as God, but this term, eternity, is always referred from the past. Eternity seems to be an idealization of a time with a meaning. But eternity, can’t be real. In fact time is only a measure, a human attempt to discover the several layers for reality. Now, Eternity as a notion, is a lapse that escapes times itself. Finishing it, but the time structure we can conceive, eternity rolls over to the ongoing present leading to a paradox that eternity sells itself as an ultimate state and a constant; which is the ongoing present. And so, time is a dimension who leaps over itself while we try to make our own time, significant. For what we don’t know the future, we also forget the past, what we know is the present and thus, disappear as the sands.


How we consider the everyday versus the notion of eternity? It will depend under the current present. If we discern this paradoxical dilemma this clash of dimensions will make us struggle under the grasp of doubt. The mere questions are taming our conceptions of reality. When is now? And worse, what if this is eternity already? The everyday merges when we try to understand that eternity is just but a gradient on time for anyone who tells or live a story. Cyclic, as Borges made us see through The Wizard in The Circular Ruins.


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