The Roadtrip Way Home

Chapter II: The Old Man

I am a sociopath. Worse… i’m an imploding sociopath and this day was the call for getting the leash out of me. I smile when i think of shovels and axes. It is not against humans. But as for zombies, it’s a different thing. Had to cover myself with black tape and plastic hard cover all over my body. By the very first days of the blackout, i was a bit paranoid, if all diseases were spread by the speed of a sneezing, i didn’t want to spare a chance to get undead.

Where were God? Where wwas all the preparement for the military over here? Unlike the army from other nations, we were quite a joke. We used to be a small country, now without frontiers or any social rule to attach as ctizens, this city is now lost with the screams at the highways and a not-going-the-fuck-away-into-the-woods attitude, First rule for everything, check out everything on your own. A common sense was appliable for any kind of possible dangers, imminent ones,well, not that much. For example, i saw people screaming and running scared. My option? Avoid all open spaces. There’s no escape for a bite but if you’re undercover, i was running between cars, unseen. All kind of feelings that could spoil my location, had to shut them off. When i saw for real a zombie…. it was fascinated… Finally, they’re here. I didn’t wank because, well…. i was in company. I was scared and smiling. My dream come true.

Unfortunely… one thing is to dream, another is to dream for too long. And when you see hordes of zombies, your strength is diminishing at every hack, slash and maim. There’s no stick in your ass to keep going. You get tired, you sneeze, you want to poop. How the fuck do you relax to keep killing if you can’t poop in peace? It sounds funny. I know. But we are complicated multifunctional living beings, we feel, sweat, cry, fall in love and see our family get ripped off their extremities and scream for their lives. See, complicated. Them? Move. Bite. Kill. Move.

Fuck, i gotta go, Been spoiled.

(will be continued…)


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