The Roadtrip Way Home

Chapter II: The Old Man

I am a sociopath. Worse… i’m an imploding sociopath and this day was the call for getting the leash out of me. I smile when i think of shovels and axes. It is not against humans. But as for zombies, it’s a different thing. Had to cover myself with black tape and plastic hard cover all over my body. By the very first days of the blackout, i was a bit paranoid, if all diseases were spread by the speed of a sneezing, i didn’t want to spare a chance to get undead.

Where were God? Where wwas all the preparement for the military over here? Unlike the army from other nations, we were quite a joke. We used to be a small country, now without frontiers or any social rule to attach as ctizens, this city is now lost with the screams at the highways and a not-going-the-fuck-away-into-the-woods attitude, First rule for everything, check out everything on your own. A common sense was appliable for any kind of possible dangers, imminent ones,well, not that much. For example, i saw people screaming and running scared. My option? Avoid all open spaces. There’s no escape for a bite but if you’re undercover, i was running between cars, unseen. All kind of feelings that could spoil my location, had to shut them off. When i saw for real a zombie…. it was fascinated… Finally, they’re here. I didn’t wank because, well…. i was in company. I was scared and smiling. My dream come true.

Unfortunely… one thing is to dream, another is to dream for too long. And when you see hordes of zombies, your strength is diminishing at every hack, slash and maim. There’s no stick in your ass to keep going. You get tired, you sneeze, you want to poop. How the fuck do you relax to keep killing if you can’t poop in peace? It sounds funny. I know. But we are complicated multifunctional living beings, we feel, sweat, cry, fall in love and see our family get ripped off their extremities and scream for their lives. See, complicated. Them? Move. Bite. Kill. Move.

Fuck, i gotta go, Been spoiled.

(will be continued…)


The Roadtrip Way Home

Chapter I

For he, who walks with a smile and we left him a world that was better burnt down than full of rotting zombies.

Zombies. Nothing good can come from this word. If i take a look back where the worlds was just… quiet, without a bite, i could say it was marvelous. It’s 2033 by now. These words are by now, my heir for the memories i lived in Caracas and for my partner, my beloved nephew Samu. I saw him born, saw him crawl, saw his childhood so fulfilled and now… he’s taking the first guard at night. Trying to survive another horrifying night. Me? I was the crazy uncle who was playing to be prepared for “something like this” and here we are…

Well, let’s start from the beginning,

Zombies. They changed everything. When we were the pinnacle of the chain food, they infected and twist the whole nature design. Can’t blame nature. But i can’t blame the humans. I only can blame stupidity. It’s 2033 and we survive in Caracas, a city that was pure chaos, between us trying to make money from everything, killing ourselves for anything and now…. surrounded. On the Zombageddon, day i just called it when i was fooling with his parents, told my brother i wished a lot for that day. How naive i was. When you feel threatened, no matter who or what, when you’re not in danger, you make fantasies about what you can deal. And man, i loved zombies. I spent many years of my life thinking how it would be, but the Zombageddon changed everything.

When the people finally could see the first zombie walking around the Francisco Fajardo Av. people thought it was another stoned-drunk guy that didn’t realized he was about to die and nobody would give a fuck. Another dead. It wasn’t a difference in a country with a rate of 40 dead per week. One more, one less… Then he was, a slow step, one after another. His head was moving slow and looking up, His eyes were turning grey. Two days dead or… two days from a hell of a party. Seemed dormant, Seemed defenseless. How innocent. The highway was getting crowded, in a rush hour early in the morning when the first zombie was hitting the road. The first witness was the first stupid guy to yell him out. -Hey, get the fuck out of the higway! Your ass isn’t going to pay me the car insurance-, the guy, was looking up, a light that was getting hidden between rainy clouds and he turned to him. The guy in the car was looking at him. -He won’t move, this motherfu…- The zombie stared at him, his jaw open wide and an alarming amount of blood were dropping down his dragged clothes. He screamed. He screamed so loud that the guy in the car grabbed the wheel, his spine chilled and a natural WTF? came instantly from his lips. The zombie started to run straight at him and started to hit the car. The guy was in shock, put down the doors safe but the zombie get closer and closer. His legs were moving fast then slow… Standing in fron of the driver’s windows, his eyes were grey, out of the living, his jaw were full of blood, out of any hope. He got up both arms and started hitting the glass with such a force like his first scream. One, two and three hits against the glass were shattering slowly the glass.

The people around were closing their doors and watching the whole scene. -Look, mom, look- All people around were scared to death. We could handle a robbery with a handgun. It was normal. But a dead man, just like that?! The rest was chaos in seconds.A family tried to escape from the road and hit the back of the car. The guy felt his clod sweat behind his back while the glass was shattering badly, another car hit him from the left trying to hit the zombie but it only helped to break the glass. There was no dramatic timing while the zombie hitted it once more. The window broke and the guy was being devoured. First, his arm, trying to defend himself, then there was no hope, the zombie was getting inside the window to finish the rest of the feast. Outside people could stare the frightening scene while his neck was getting ripped by ferocious bites. Something that was never seen. Minutes later, the zombie was with a stripe of what it seems to be a vocal chord waving against the wind.

Chaos. Blood. And four hours later, Caracas fell down into the first dangerous blackout. Nobody knew a simple news from anyone excerpt from something at the highway.

I don’t know how’s the world outside since that blackout occured three years ago. But from that moment. We knew we were alone. The world was going down to a bite and we have our share of horror.